Alma de Luna

Today they warned me that I wake up in the street dead 
of hunger, 
of cold, 
same day 
but with that peace in the face 
with that smile of calm 

It is definitely ridiculous to waste time in 
filling the pantry that will feed the body 
to find that tomorrow is empty again 
enslaving you to replace it day by day, 
a chain to your freedom 

The better it is to promote consciousness, 
a painting, 
a song, 
a dawn in the forest, 
learn from a man, 
a city, 
a child. 

If I could collect all those seconds that they 
waste in their lives
If that useless time could be mine … well, 
even if my days lasted three or four times 
even if my life was assured in at least a couple of 
I do not think I would see everything I want to see, 
nor learn what I can learn, 
nor my love begin to wear. 

I know we are travelers in this train 
that we can not leave, 
but this wagon has nothing to offer, 
I can not be behind the dresser only seeing 
what life offers, 
I prefer to break the glass, 
tear the flight, 
take part of a new game, 
go out to meet whatever it is 
instead of asking for it to come.

I do not understand your world 
makes me wait when I’m hungry 
or eat when I do not have 
just because someone said it’s time to do it, 
makes me sign my love, 
save for my burial. 

do not ask me to spend another day filling my 
pantry to see it empty tomorrow, 
do not ask me to waste another second, 
do not ask me to dream my past … 

And tired of watching the moon from the window he 
took his backpack and left a day from home 
to go find her. 

Today they warned me that dawned in the street died 
of hunger, 
same day, 
but with that peace in the face, 
with that smile of calm
and in his notebook doodles: 

I think now I finally have 
the moon, in my soul.