Having a car makes us obese

Having a car makes us obese

As if there were not too many studies showing that physical activity is good for your health, David Besset of the University of Tennessee and John Pucher of Rutgers University found a relationship between active transportation (biking and / or walking) and The obesity ranges in 17 industrialized nations. 

Nations with a high level of active transportation have lower obesity ranges, call active transportation to walk and / or ride a bicycle. This comparison was made between European countries where this practice is common against the United States where it is not yet widely disseminated.

The findings of these researchers were poured into the study entitled “Walking, Cycling, and Obesity Rates in Europe, North America, and Australia” 

In America, 9% of people walk 1% bike and 2% take the truck or the train to get to your destinations. This is how from 25% to 33% of Americans are obese compared to other countries. 

* Latvia: 67% use active transport and 14% are obese. 
* Sweden: 62% use active transportation and 9% are obese. 
* The Netherlands: 52% use active transport and 11% are obese. 
* Canada: 19% use active transportation and 23% are obese. 
* Australia: 14% use active transport and 21% are obese.

Another finding was that Europeans walk 3 times more and ride a bike 5 times more than Americans. Europeans walk an average of 237 miles each year and ride an average of 116 miles, while Americans walk 87 miles and ride an average of 24 miles. 

In Mexico, the issue would be like putting people to walk and ride bicycles and make sure it’s safe … 

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